Trainz Edition

TransDEM Trainz Edition is a dedicated version of TransDEM, enhanced with specific export functionality for N3V (Auran) Trainz: A New Era (T:ANE), Trainz Simulator 12, Trainz Simulator 2010, Trainz Simulator 2009, Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 and 2004.

This additional export functionality enables the user to create Trainz route maps in TransDEM, using geo data currently loaded.

DEM and Ground Texture Export

With the DEM export and the creation of ground textures TransDEM generates a complete Trainz route map which can be opened immediately in TRS2004 Surveyor. TRS2006 requires the additional CWith the DEM export and the creation of ground textures TransDEM generates a complete Trainz route map which can be opened immediately in TRS2004 Surveyor. TRS2006 and above requires the additional CMP import step.

DEM export and map creation features:

Generation of the route map is an automatic process. The user provides a few parameters to control this process. In the simplest case the only parameter is the name of the new route.

The following images illustrate route generation in practice:


Image 1 is a typical TransDEM view. A DEM has been opened, a previously georeferenced raster map and a simple vector route. TransDEM has also drawn a 1000m UTM grid (purple) and the 720 m Trainz baseboard grid (grey).

Image 2 shows the mini-map in TRS2006 Surveyor after successful TransDEM map generation. The predefined texture and mini-map resolution is 1 pixel per 10 m. This causes the mini-map image and the ground texture to appear somewhat blurred. The purple UTM grid is clearly visible and with some effort, the baseboard raster is recognisable, too. The latter is drawn by Surveyor. Both grids are identical to image 1.

Image 3 is a view on TransDEM generated Terrain in Surveyor. The location is approximately south east on the compass circle on the mini-map in image 2, looking north west. Clearly visible is the emphasised course of the line (in this image already amended with a track spline) and one of the UTM grid lines in the foreground.

UTM Tile Export

The terrain ground texture with its rather coarse resolution of 1 pixel per 10 m (or 5 m since TRS2009) is not a suitable way to represent larger scale maps. For such maps (plans, orthophotos) an approach with texture carrier objects my be helpful. Such objects, called UTM tiles in TransDEM, are ordinary content objects, available as 2D or 3D tiles.

UTM tile export features

The following images illustrate UTM tile generation and placement in practice:

Image 4 shows the selection of UTM tiles in TransDEM. A rectangular mask (a bit difficult to see) has been dragged around intersecting grid lines drawn in the 1000 m raster. This mask encompasses two tiles.

Image 5 shows a complete 3D UTM tile object with the map texture applied, rendered in Trainz-Mesh-Viewer, a 3D viewer for Trainz content objects.

Image 6 is a Surveyor view, showing several UTM tiles, automatically aligned with the UTM grid, and matching the terrain generated earlier.

Vector Data Export

TransDEM can generate Trainz spline objects from vector data and hereby place railway track, roads or water courses.

Vector data export features:

Image 7 shows TransDEM-generated track splines from elaborate 3D vector data with automatic terrain adjustment.
(Elaboration of track geometry requires an external tool.)

Image 8 shows TransDEM generated track splines and junctions for a station from elaborate 3D data.
(Elaboration of track geometry requires an external tool.)

Release Notes

(Detailed release notes can be found in the TransDEM documentation.)

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